Insurance as an Investment


The stock market has seen an influx of retail investors with high expectations. Housing prices are skyrocketing as supply struggles to keep up with demand. Even interest rates, after a decade of record lows, are starting to finally rise. The uncertainty,...

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5 Mistakes to avoid at Tax Time


Tax Season and Poor Decisions Nothing is certain in life except for two things: Death and Taxes. With tax season approaching, the overwhelming number of tax tips and tricks are soon to follow. Tik Tok has great advice for investing in Dogecoin and...

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Medicare and What It Has Become.


Harry S. Truman is the only modern president to not be a millionaire in his life. He struggled with his finances, and caused the presidential salary increase in 1949. At the age of 81 years old Harry Truman witnessed Lyndon B. Johnson sign Medicare into...

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Life Insurance Sure Looks Like Gambling


An older man walks into a building. The security cameras above watch his every move as he heads down the carpeted hallway. He sits down at the table, and fingers his wallet while his mind is occupied with calculations. It's unclear whether the man will...

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Do I Need an Insurance Agent?


When an Insurance Agent calls, most people hang up. They think to themselves, “what can this hack ever do for me?” or maybe, “I’m not gonna let this girl scam me into buying something I don’t need.” Where do these assumptions come from? Could we all...

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