Medicare by State


The federal government has tried to standardize Medicare across the country. A medicare card works at doctors offices in every state in the U.S. . Most medicare supplement plans will be the same across the country too. Other parts of medicare can vary...

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Medicare Enrollment Periods


Medicare Enrollment Periods With the Annual Election Period less than a month away, people in the Medicare space are gearing up for their busy season. Most people know that AEP falls between October 15 and December 7, but with all the different Medicare...

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Medicare, Home Healthcare and Nursing Homes


Did you know, seniors can only get in home nursing care through Medicare if they are hospitalized for 3 or more days? Medicare doesn't provide Homemaker services, custodial or personal care, and only provides 21 days of service. Plus, the only way to...

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Dental And Vision on Medicare


It’s hard to believe that with such vast improvements to dental technology, that over 36 million Americans have no teeth at all, and over 120 million have at least one missing tooth. Additionally, with so much time spent on screens and phones, it’s predicted...

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Medicaid Expansion


Last year, lawmakers in 14 states elected to expand their medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act guidelines. This means that medicaid benefits will go beyond the elderly, disabled and children; a decision that will add over $100 million dollars...

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Insurance as an Investment


The stock market has seen an influx of retail investors with high expectations. Housing prices are skyrocketing as supply struggles to keep up with demand. Even interest rates, after a decade of record lows, are starting to finally rise. The uncertainty,...

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5 Mistakes to avoid at Tax Time


Tax Season and Poor Decisions Nothing is certain in life except for two things: Death and Taxes. With tax season approaching, the overwhelming number of tax tips and tricks are soon to follow. Tik Tok has great advice for investing in Dogecoin and...

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Medicare and What It Has Become.


Harry S. Truman is the only modern president to not be a millionaire in his life. He struggled with his finances, and caused the presidential salary increase in 1949. At the age of 81 years old Harry Truman witnessed Lyndon B. Johnson sign Medicare into...

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